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Drive Heads are the heart of centrally driven machines like Clarifiers, Thickeners and detritors where raking arms are driven from the center as against the perimeter.

Fundametal Technologies has designed all our drive heads from scratch after we noticed that the drive heads available from our competition are made from designs that are often over 50 years old.

We found that the industry today functions on “Rule of Thumb” rather than scientific calculations. We noticed that none of the manufacturers could provide us with torque details of the drive head on offer. The overload alarm from some drive heads use an ancient mercury switch and a heavy coil spring. This is not only expensive and complicated, but uses materials that are very dangerous.  

Fundametal Technologies offers drive heads for both Pillar Mounted and Bridge mounted equipment.

We use state of art CAD and FEA tools to design robust drive heads that are then manufactured using high end CNC machinery. The drives are designed to easily last 20-30 years.


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Drive Heads for Clarifiers, Thickeners and  Detritors