The static screen elements are designed to allow collected debris to slide over the back of the screen and on to a waiting conveyor or trough. The Dynamic Screen Elements function like the coupling rod of a steam locomotive and is attached to drive sprockets with eccentric nodes.   

Any Dimension between 1100mm upto 3600mm

2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm & 4mm

 The Screen has alternating columns of static and dynamic screen elements. Each screen element has on its leading edge, a saw tooth profile cut into it.  These Screen elements are spaced such that the gap between them is maintained as needed by the process specifications (3-8mm typically).

Stainless Steel 304 Gr or CF8

300mm to 1000mm Below than Height of Debris Drop

As per Manufacturer's Specifications 

Stainless Steel of 304 Gr or 316 Gr. 

Thickness of Screening Elements

Clear Spacing between Adjecent Screening Elements

Every rotation of the guide sprocket relates to one stroke of the dynamic screen element. During this stroke the debris is lifted up by the dynamic screen’s tooth profile, moved forward and dropped on to the next tooth profile of the static screen. In this way the debris are gradually lifted out of the screening chamber.

Height of Debris Drop

Channel Height

Material of Construction for Screening and Mechanism Elements

Dimensional and Material Specifications

Wetted Bearing Elements

Any Dimension between 662mm upto 3000mm

Stainless Steel

Ball Bearing Units, Gearbox and Motor

Transmission and Load Equalizing Roller Chains and Sprockets

Channel Width

The Orbital Saw Tooth Mechanical Step Screen, or 'Step Screen' as it is referred to in the Water and Effluent Treatment Business, is commonly used where fine screenings need to be eliminated from the effluent stream.

Orbital Saw Tooth Mechanical Step Screen

 These Screens are available for channels of 700mm – 3000mm width and can lift debris effectively up to 3500mm.

The Orbital Saw Tooth Mechanical Step Screen has cleverly eliminated any risk of rogue debris jamming the drive chain by tucking all chains and sprockets into a mechanism chamber. The chain and sprockets are immersed in the water whilst keeping out all kinds of debris more than 1mm.

The technical specifications mentioned here are for our standard product range. However please contact us should you require screens outside these specifications. Our technical team will workout a solution to meet your specific requirements. 

Proprietery Bronze Alloys

3mm - 8mm

Shafting, Bearing Housings and Bushes