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Drive Heads

Transmission drives for all central driven rotating equipment

The Drive Heads are the heart of equipment such as Clarifiers, Clariflocculators, Gravity Sludge Thickeners and Detritors. In regions where subzero temperatures are a regular occurrence, Peripheral driven equipment fails when the traction wheels that drive them, lose grip on iced-over tracks. Central Driven Equipments which use drive heads, however, are impervious to this problem and are hence preferred. 

The biggest risk however to this central driven equipment is that they tend to overload very easily in the event of irregular operating conditions. The Drive Heads, therefore, have been engineered to have overload protection devices built into them to prevent fatal damage to themselves in case the machines suffer excessive sludge/grit build up beyond what they are designed to handle. ​

We have over 40 years of combined experience in the use of these drives and are well aware of their specific needs that have to be satisfied so that a reliable and long-lasting drive head can be designed and manufactured. This valuable knowledge has been fully exploited in redesigning this equipment.


Worm Gear Drive

These drive heads are available in a wide range of torque with a built-in spring-loaded worm shaft which compresses when the machine is overloaded


  • The Axial movement could be used as an input for overload and shut-off signals

No Bearing Units for Primary Load Support

The Worm wheel is placed on built-in integral bearing racings and the friction is reduced with the help of independent steel balls.


  • Low maintenance

  • Negligible replacement cost

Calibrated Load Springs

The Torque that the drive can exert can be carefully calibrated by the design of suitable coil compression spring


  • Accurate working torque and shut-off torque setting is possible

  • Prevents damage to the machine if properly installed. 

Technical Specifications of Worm Type Drives

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