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Manual Bar Screen - Fixed

Best suited manual bar screen for high debris loading

These screens are used in interception chambers and drain intake headwork stations where they intercept and capture suspended debris in the influent such as wooden logs, plastic and fabric items and other such debris that may be present in the stream.

These screens are preferred when the amount of debris captured is high and the liquid level is relatively low and constant. They, however, require the liquid level, not to exceed 2.5 - 3.0 meters as it becomes difficult to operate and clean. 

These screens are grouted directly on to the screening channel and are inclined at an angle so that a person standing at the platform on top of the screen can manually clear the captured debris from time to time using a raking comb.


Easy to Clean

These screens are installed at an angle of between 45-60 deg making it easy for an operator to clean them using the custom made combing rakes/hoe provided along with the screen. 



  • A large amount of debris can be removed

  • Debris size and weight can be large

Higher Velocity of Water can be handled. 

Due to the inclined nature of the screen, a significant portion of the kinetic energy that the debris carries will be dissipated as angular momentum reducing the chances of damage to the screen.  


  • Can be used directly across the channel 

Technical Specifications

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