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Mechanical Bar screens are equipment that are placed at the head of water treatment systems. Their purpose is to screen out debris that are 6mm and above from the influent water and protects downstream equipment from debris induced failure. 

This Mechanical Bar Screen is the most advanced screening technology in the industry. It is the only significant and proven upgrade to the Multi Rake Screen design in 30 years. This 9th generation screen used the patented CDCARM technology which place the moving mechanical parts such as chains and sprockets above the water level.

These robustly built screen can be provided with bars spacing ranging from 6 mm - 75 mm allowing them to successfully replace any fine, coarse or trash screen. 


Its fast and efficient raking arm is capable of removing up to 160 Kgs of debris in a single stroke. This despite the fact that it moves 10-15 times faster than other screens. Its spring-loaded raking arm makes it impervious to jamming and chain damage making it the most reliable, efficient and trouble free screening equipment in the industry. 


Dry Running Raking Mechanism

No Chains, Sprockets or Actuators come in contact with the water. making the screen impervious to the effects of fibrous and corrosive debris - an issue that had haunted all other generic screens.


  • Reduced Jamming and Fouling

  • Better operating Reliability

Bucket Mounted Comb

The Raking Comb is mounted to the front of a collection bucket that has a carrying capacity of up to 160 Kgs. This Bucket is capable of moving away from the raking plane in the event of jammed or oversize debris curtailing its free movement. A calibrated spring with load adjustment capabilities applies optimal load on the raking comb. 


  • Can collect rotund objects like pet bottles,balls and coconut

  • Maximum screenings per stroke

Widest Effective Width

This Screen has no moving parts in the flow channel, therefore, the widest effective width for a given channel. No other screen can achieve this are they use up 250-400mm of the channel width to accommodate the sprockets and other mechanism parts. This feature and the absence of any other additional horizontal blinding ensures that the screen is guaranteed to have the lowest headloss amongst Fixed and Moving Bar Screens.


  • Lowest headloss in the Industry

  • Allows for largest amount of water to flow through for any given Channel

Fastest Raking Speed

This Screen has a rake that travels between 15-23 M/sec as compared to the 1-2 M/sec of a typical Multi-rake Screen. Needless to say, this ability allows the screen to quickly complete a raking cycle and move into standby until it is called out to be deployed.


  • Higher efficiency in screening ensuring clean bars

  • Allows for Intermittent operation saving energy

Low Opeational Torque

Since the screen has only a handful of interface nodes where torque is consumed since the machine has a single rake and 6 guide wheels as compared to hundreds of such points present in multirake screens, the Nett Torque consumed by the machine without load is very low. It is therefore possible to provide a power train that delivers significantly lower torque to do the same job at a much faster speed. This effient design greatly reduces the possiablity of the machine self destructing in the event of a mechanical overload. 


  • Less prone to mechanical damage

  • Does not come with any inherent design flaws




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