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Third generation Step Screen with dry running chains ensuring reliability

Mechanical Step Screens are used for Fine Screening requirements in Effluent Treatment Plants and Pre-treatment units of STPs. They are placed after the coarse screen where predominantly filamented or laminal debris are to be extracted from the influent. 

This screen is the 3rd generation of this design, developed after extensive R&D and field trials. It uses a Hybrid Chain cum Multi-Point Linkage drive that closely mimics the motion of a hydraulically driven step screen.

The asymmetric motion of the dynamic rakes allows for minimal vertical movement and maximum horizontal movement so the debris can be moved greater distances per stroke while still maintaining the cyclical motion of the primary drive.

Our Mechanical Step Screens use state of the art design and manufacturing technology to guarantee reliable performance of the screens under harsh usage conditions. 


Dry Running Mechanism

No Chains or Sprockets come in contact with the water. making the screen impervious to the effects of fibrous and corrosive debris. This is made possible by our Hybrid Chain cum Multi-Point Linkage Drive System and Cantilever dynamic rake elements.



  • Reduced Jamming and Fouling

  • Better operating Reliability

Asymmetric Dynamic Rake Movement

The dynamic rake moves horizontally 6.5 - 7 times the vertical movement. This means the debris is moved towards the discharge point efficiently in fewer strokes. 


  • Reduced fouling factor

  • Efficient energy usage. 

Efficiently captures fibrous debris 

Since the Rakes have a toothed leading-edge, fibrous and laminal shaped debris ​tend to get snared in the teeth allowing for the formation of mat-like clumps which are then carried up to the debris point. This mat further traps smaller debris which may be present in the water.


  • Better Capture of Small and Fibrous Debris 

Technical Specifications

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