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Hydraulic Design Services

We have some of the industries most trusted and reliable hydraulic design capabilities wetted by many prestigious institutions and industry stalwarts. Fundametal Technologies provides detailed hydraulic design calculations for all products we provide and related civil structures. 

Erection and Supervision Services

Having installed numerous machines in diverse site conditions, we can provide the best site installation supervision services for our equipment. Detailed installation plans are drawn up and necessary lugs and anchors are designed into the equipment so that installation can be carried out safely, quickly and cost effectively.   

Equipment Retrofitting for Existing Sites

Many of our the products we manufacture are highly customized. This puts us in a strong position to provide the best sutied equipment for existing sites which need replacement of electromenchanical equipments without major civil modifications.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

In tune with the prevailing business models, where contractors are required to provide continued operation and maintenance obligations for prolonged periods of time, We provide annualized maintenance contracts as well as paid breakdown and preventive maintenance calls for all equipment that we provide with an obligation to provide spares and service support for at least 10 years from the date of supply. 

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