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Shaftless Screw Conveyor with Compactor

Ideal for Conveying and Compaction of soft screenings from Mechanical Screens 

Shaftless Screw Conveyors are typically used in fine screens to collect, convey and compact the screening delivered to it. ​They mechanically compress the debris and therefore wring out any trapped water inside pockets of the collected debris. 

This equipment has two zones. The shaftless screw conveying zone is where debris is collected along its entire length of the equipment and is conveyed to the compaction zone where the volume of this collected debris is reduced by up to 40%. 

The screw auger and housing are engineered with best manufactruing process to sustain the effects of unpredictable debris characteristics. 


No central shaft for the auger

Since the conveyor has no central shaft unlike a standard screw conveyor, it provides for relief for the debris to move into the central axial core of the auger. This feature is beneficial while handling compressible and light materials. 


  • Reduced likelihood of choking of the conveyor

  • Increased flexibly in the debris handled. 

Integrated compacting capablity

There is no need for external compactor post conveying since all of the debris collected are compacted within the conveyor itself.


  • Reduced bulk volume of collected screenings.

Optional Washing Attachment

There is an optional feature to attach a washer where clean water washes the debris as its being conveyed before compaction. 


  • Reduction of septic load in the collected debris

  • Less odour

Technical Specifications

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