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This screw conveyor has been specifically designed for wastewater treatment plants, where they are used to collect and convey debris fed to it from Mechanical and Manual Screens. 

The auger of this type of conveyor has a central shaft on to which the fins are welded. This makes the auger very stable and less prone to deformation caused by irregular debris.

An integrated washing unit can be incorporated into this system whereby the collected debris is washed to remove septic materials from it.

The Low profile of this conveyor enables it to be slotted under screen with discharge heights of 600mm. The whole conveyor including bearing housings, shafts, body and auger assembly is made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel making them impervious to water exposure. 


All Stainless Steel Construction

All parts of the conveyor are made from stainless steels such as 316 Gr. or 304 Gr.


  • Impervious to corrosion

  • Very good resistance to wear by hard debris

Rigid Auger

The presence of a shaft in the auger makes it rigid and less prone to irregular debris


  • Reduced chance of damage to the auger

  • Ability to crush debris like wood etc. 

Optional Washing Attachment

There is a optional feature to attach a washer where clean water washes the debris as it is being conveyed before compaction. 


  • Reduction of septic load in the collected debris

  • Less odour

Technical Specifications

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