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Best suited manual bar screen for high liquid depths

These Manually operated screens are placed at the water intake of headworks where they are designed to prevent aquatic animals, hyacinth, wooden logs and other solid debris from entering the system.


They are ideal for installations where the liquid depth is higher than 2.5 Meters or where there are large tidal/seasonal variations of the liquid level. These screens are modular and can be stacked one on top of the other (quite like stop logs) for larger screen depths.

They are mounted on guide rails and can be lifted out of the channel with the help of a hoist for cleaning. These screens are typically fabricated with J shaped bars to capture any falling debris during the lifting. Cleaning of the bars is done manually after they are lifted out of the channel.


 Usually, two sets of these screens are mounted one behind the other to prevent debris from entering the systems when one of them is being lifted for cleaning. 


Greater Bar Length

Since the screens can be stacked one on top of another, the screens have limitless depth restrictions. This makes the screens best-suited for river water intake systems where the tidal or seasonal variation of liquid depth is high.



  • Better suited when Liquid Depth exceeds 2.5 Meters


The screens are mounted on guide rails and can be lifted either by a manual or mechanical hoist. This makes it easy to operate in low debris conditions.  


  • Easier to Clean

  • Good Debris Capture

Technical Specifications

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