Reliable equipment for water treatment



Water Tanks

Fundametal Technologies is a leading technology-based equipment manufacturer and solution provider to municipal and industrial water treatment plants. Our deep understanding of the industry requirements coupled with our core knowledge of engineering fundamentals has enabled us to provide innovative and reliable products to our clients.

Our core values that encompass innovation, integrity and continuous improvement have resulted in our offering of comprehensive global solutions to the wastewater treatment industry. 



 Fundametal Technologies is headed by experienced, committed, passionate engineers and professionals with over 60 years of  collective experience. Their efforts are guided by an able group of advisors and wellwishers from consulting, finance and project management backgrounds. The leadership of fundamental technologies is supported by over 120 exceptionally skilled, hardworking and dedicated team of marketing engineers, production engineers, quality engineers, backend office support staff, factory workers and vendors. This team is indeed the strength of our company and has responsibility for our steady growth.