Gliderake Multi-Rake Mechanical Bar Screen

Gliderake is the latest offering from our stable of robust mechanical screens. It takes a technology that was developed several decades ago and incorporates the latest advances of engineering technology to offer a screen that has overcome the shortcomings of the available generic screens.

These screens are installable in most underground screening chambers of diverse widths and depths. The screen uses a multitude of raking combs that travel along custom chains in a predominantly shielded track that prevents rogue debris from damaging the moving parts.

The absence of a lower sprocket ensures fewer moving parts under water than most conventional Multi-rake screens. This feature along with a bucket type raking arm makes the Gliderake the most reliable screen of its type in the Industry today. 

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Orbital Saw Tooth Mechanical Screen

Orbital Saw Tooth Mechanical Screens are Step Screens used in most STP’s in India. They work best at eliminating solid suspended particles which are less than 10mm.

The screen consists of a set of dynamic rakes alternating with static rakes. The gap between two adjacent rake elements determines the clear spacing of the screen. Both types of rake elements have a saw tooth pattern cut into them. Debris are cleared by the constant reciprocating motion of the dynamic rakes that shift the debris from one tooth to the next until they are lifted out of the screening chamber.

Our patent pending RCIRM™ (Roller Chain Induced Reciprocating Motion) Technology uses no hydraulic or pneumatic systems to induce the required reciprocating motion, instead using heavy duty stainless steel roller chains and sprockets to achieve the desired motion. Clever design features keep the chain and sprockets away from the effluent stream before or after screening.

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​Dip and Draw Mechanical Bar Screen

Dip and Draw Mechanical Bar Screen are Dip Screens used commonly in Deep Channel and Above Ground Screening Chambers of Sewage Pumping Stations (SPS’s) and Sewage Treatment Plants (STP’s). They work best to trap and eliminate debris ranging from 100mm to 10 mm. 

​The screen is cleaned by a Nylon Comb which is deployed using a  chain driven cam actuated raking mechanism (CDCARM™, patent pending). Our design eliminates electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic failures that typically occur in bar screens. 

The design prevents contact of the drive chains and sprockets with the effluent which significantly reduces risk of debris induced jamming. 

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Fundametal Technologies has its own fabrication unit, design center and dedicated vendor base. The Manufacturing Unit equipped with lifting equipment and machinery can easily handle jobs that are 90 Meters in Length, 10 meters in width and 12.5 meters in height.  

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